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Bob's Dive Shop Scuba Gear & EquipmentSCUBA Diving and Snorkeling Gear

We are pleased to offer a complete selection of SCUBA diving and snorkeling gear and accessories. Please stop by the shop (driving directions) to check out our current selection.

SCUBA Diving Gear Maintenance & Repair

Keep your SCUBA gear in top shape with the help of our trained technicians. Contact us to schedule an appointment. Proper equipment maintenance will prolong the life of your gear and is a great insurance policy for helping you to stay safe while diving.

Bob’s Dive Shop is a full-service dive shop that has been in operation for more than 40 years. We have a large sales floor stocked with everything you need for a tropical trip, or a dive in Monterey Bay. Bob’s Dive Shop has a fully staffed service department on site. We can fix just about anything that goes wrong with your gear. We can help keep your gear in warranty by performing annual inspections and we can help keep you safe by alerting you to manufacturer product recalls. We fill and service cylinders for SCUBA and Paintball. Often, air fills can be done while you wait.


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Come See Our Full Selection of Diving Equipment

Call the store (559-225-3483) if you have any questions about how we can better serve you and your equipment and service needs!